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Why are people so obsessed with self-improvement and reading books? It's pointless and useless.

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What's the point of reading books?

We are reading books written by someone else who has a different life experience and thoughts and opinions and yet at the same time we treat it like the truth.

Many people like to read a lot of books and then memorize it and use the false 'knowledge/wisdom' that they learned from a book as soon as the they have the chance.

It's not our thoughts, it's not our life experience, it's not our opinion, is the point of reading a book for most people just to memorize it and quote it and use the information in the book as their own?

Isn't this incredibly selfish and self serving?

Reading a book out of boredom is actually great but i am talking about all these new age pseudo-intellectuals who get false knowledge/intelligence from books.