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Who Wants to Listen to the Song That Will Make You Kill Yourself?

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I got to thinking about this with the mention of that Miley Cyrus song in G-major in that other thread. This is in G-major also and the legend has, that 18 people killed themselves after listening to it.

So, 18 out of however many hundreds of thousands or even millions, (this thing has been covered about as many times as Yesterday by The Beatles.) Do you think that some works of art can truly affect people in negative ways or even be dangerous to be so freely available?

Can violent video games push someone to act violently? Even if it's just .01% of the people that play them?
People have been fainting at book readings from Charles Dickens to Chuck Palahniuk. Not violent or anything, but still a statement in favor of art having a overt influence on people.

Stendhal Syndrome is a real thing. Should we really brush it off when we here some kid went on a rampage after listening to some heavy metal for 12 straight hours?

Is that Myley Cyrus song in G-major going to kill anyone??