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Where'd ya work?


Ritt’s grocery store thread made me think of all the jobs I’ve had. So I decided to make a list (and add details that were important to me):

  • Paper Route—Supposed to teach me responsibility but (I’m pretty sure) is the sole reason of why I am so bad with money
  • Grocery Store—Fired for playing baseball in the parking lot (customer said that I almost hit her)
  • US Army—Finished time—was good for me but I hated it at the time
  • Little Caesar’s Pizza—By far the cleanest restaurant I’ve worked
  • —still able to smoke indoors—I used to smoke while washing dishes

  • Oil Change Car Shop—It was okay but wasn’t paid well for the work
  • Paper Mill—(head gluer)—officially fired for unsafe act but, in actuality, my boss found out who I hung out with (he hated my friends) so he messed with me for two weeks before firing me
  • Lumberjack—that lasted a day—that sucked. Those bugs were evil and those horse flies were friggin huge
  • Painter—only one summer—wasn’t for me
  • Fiberglass Shop—hired to help out with a corporate contract—I couldn’t believe how lazy corporate types are (and how much free time they get)—was laid off when contract was up
  • Pizza Delivery Driver—This job was awesome but I got into a fight with the boss
  • Grocery Store—(same one as above)—quit—that sucked
  • Cashier—Like watching paint dry
  • Assembly Line—This was summer work for college students—Great money but I was so glad when it was over.
  • Pharmacy Tech—this job was great
  • Waiter—Walked out after a year—this job made me realize how much I hated people
  • Cashier—they were screwing me over and I was finally fired for stealing my performance review (I don’t know what the hell I was thinking)
  • Tutoring Center—this sucked—they were basically stealing parent’s money. I was asked to resign.
  • Teaching—Pretty awesome job (except for Common Core)
  • Waiting Tables—A lot better than serving and pretty good money
  • Grading—Through a company for the state—probably not going to last long

This was fun to reminisce—feel free to add your own lists.