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(what's gonna happen?)first post

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(what’s gonna happen?) November 2, 2006

I walked up to her,

She waited with a smile
I had flowers behind me
She had been waiting a while
And I couldn’t see

She had something in her hands
Her feet were deep in the sand
I brought out my hand,

She smiled,

And as I leaned in,
Her left hand rushed in

Right into my chest,

Her nails were now inches long
Her grip was strong

She kept smiling

I was dripping blood from my mouth
Like a faucet,
She tore my heart out

I looked up,
And she hadn’t stopped

She was holding it with both hands
Blood dripped in the sand

She was…blushing
My chest was wide open
Blood gushing

She looked at me
Licking her fingers,
Now I could see

She tore my heart in half
I couldn’t move
She took one half, put it back in my chest
The other half she put under her breast

She said “I Love you”

And I woke up, and there she was whispering I Love you

“wake up baby”,

I was on my back, sweating, she was scratching my chest

Written by: Frank Hannen-Pantaleon