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What is a YA book? (You know, books for the Kids and Young Adultsters?)

Part of my goals for writing is to turn out something in every genre. YA is a genre, thereforeto, I wanna write a YA novel.

There was some chit-chat about this a while back in that John Belushi book thread. But what do you consider to be a YA book? Does the protagonist need to be a kid?

At what point would a YA book go to far and just become a regular novel for adults? Are there topics that have to be in there for it to be Young Adult, or topics to avoid?
Like maybe you can't write a book about the troubles of someone having a job and paying taxes or something.
Is the whole notion of books being just for Young Adults just goofy?

With all the talk for and about this Damned book, it got me thinking about one of the first books I ever read when I was a kid, SuperFudge, and how much I really liked it. I was thinking about digging up a copy and giving it a re-read now to see how it holds up.
I also, kinda want to get that Mixed up Files of Mrs Basil Whatsherface. I remember seeing and liking the movie version of it, when I saw it 25 years ago, but it might be pretty cool to check out now.

Anyways, if you don't got any opinions on what a YA book is, feel free to just post what some of your favorite YA books or movies were/are. And even more importantly, why you like them.