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What would be the worst???... (Spoilers)

I'm not sure if it goes in here so sorry if i put it wrong.

In his early novels at least, chuck is known for the "transgressive fiction" of them, i personally love it, and a great part of the charm is how quirky or bizarre yet realist the violence is, and now that i think about it, i kinda wanna know...
¿What is the worst criminal act commited in each of his novels?

From the ones i read (Fight Club and Survivor) and the one i'm reading (Invisible monsters) it would be:

Fight Club: Tyler Murders people, gives marla a black eye
Survivor: Tender Branson assist suicide (Convinces people to kill themselves)and hijacks a plane
Invisible monsters: Shannon gives hormones to seth, she and brandy steal drugs from houses.

¿So what are (according to you) the worst crimes?.

(it's not neccesarily the felony that is most punished, but the one you think is morally or otherwise more wrong)