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what is my ring worth, you think ?

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i thought a few years ago we had a couple of members who were into jewelry. i dont know if that is the case or simply if i am hopeful that is. memory can be so derivative.

anyrate. last december my woman and i went to a mall and walked by a crazy looking jewelry sale and decided that most jewelry sales are the same but that we should check it out. (i proposed january first of that year and we knew sooner or later that we would need rings. we had the itch, or whatever.) so we found some rings and the deals were too good to pass up. she wore her engagement ring and i bought a stainless steel ring that i liked. hers was a half carat solitaire on 14k white gold. (i went back and bought the wedding band [as "we" decided that with the solitaire she wouldnt need a band] a few days later and didnt tell her about it til i showed her mom [in front of her] several months later.) anyrate, we get married and the ring is no longer in the drawer but is on my finger. it feels really good, good quality. a few days ago i found that there's a trademark in very small letters on the inside. "benchmark" 14k.

i am reasonably certain that it is a 14k white gold comfort fit, size 10 and it's 8mm wide. and benchmark is a trusted name as they warranty for life.

i'm thinking it's worth more than the one-fifty i spent on it and they had the ring in the wrong case or something. it really was a crazy sale and rings were scattered throughout the display case, and i bet the saleswomen made more money in that one week than believable. (they probably refused to take lunches.)

anywhom, have any idea ?