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what a great book..

I have been on winter break from college and told myself that I wanted to accomplish something, I was going to read 2 Palahniuk books. I first read Survivor and loved it. The next Chuck book I read was Choke. My initial reaction was this is just an unoriginal recycled version of his other material, but then it got better and better as the pages went along. Lately I havn't had anything going on in my life and feel pretty empty but these two books have restored a bit of purpose, just anything.  I guess what I took away most was to keep a positive attitude and try to create rather than destroy. Others on the boards mentioned enjoy the journey rather than the reward at the end. Anyways, I have Lullaby and Diary which I have not read yet but just wanted some feedback on which you guys recommend next, even out of his others such as Invisible Monsters and Rant.