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What are your hobbies?

I suppose if I were to dig deep enough through these threads, I'd find that this thread has already been done. Well, I didn't and am pretending that this is the first (and greatest) mention of hobbies this forum has ever seen.
It's probably a given that most, I'd imagine all, of the folks here enjoy reading. So, I'll take it a step further and ask, if reading is your el numero uno hobby, which is your number two?
I've been playing guitar for about seventeen years, and for most of those years, until recently, it was my first source of entertainment. From when I was a young teen, attempting to learn some of my then favorite albums like, "Master of Puppets" and "Reign in Blood", practicing for umpteen thousand million hours because I had no responsibilities to speak of, I couldn't put the damned thing down. I still practice when I have the time, and take it much less seriously than when I was convinced that more than five people would ever want to listen to my shitty band.
More recently, however, I've developed an equally satisfying urge to write. My first attempt was a novella, and I quickly realized that, one, it sucked shit, and two, the short story length is where I'm really comfortable at the moment.
Writing is, for me, even more therapeutic than music. Getting all your baggage out onto "paper" is such an amazing release. It's a source for creativity AND an outlet to vent bottled up shit. The shit that our psyche creates, and builds, until our bulbous minds cave under the intense gravity and go supernova.
Anyway, those are my hobbies. What are yours?