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And now we get to ask the question, with tongues firmly placed in that warm cheek pocket, what would happen if a game studio watched way too much Quentin Tarantino? The answer is: Wet.

As fantastic a thought as this game is, a samurai spaghetti western with Yakuza and completely cheese ball story, what we the players get handed lacks. If you have played Devil May Cry, this game will feel old hat. If you’re like me and you find combat multiplier based scoring to unlock new moves monotonous, you’ll continue to find this game to be just as annoying.

The graphics aren’t terrible, but they surely aren’t great. The same with the voice acting and script. There are big name people sprinkled in the cast, and yet, everything my ears have come across seem pretty contrived and dull.

The controls, though are what keep me from slapping this title back into my 360 console. They’re dodgy to say the least. I found myself trying to wall run and just hitting the wall, or running straight up said wall. The flaws in the system and control overall are most evident in the tutorial, which suspiciously comes after the first level, and was so annoying I almost shipped it back the first night.

Rent this game, though. Give it’s due and you might be shocked into addiction, but, as with anything, this is my opinion. And that said, in my opinion, this game is probably going to be in tomorrow’s outgoing mail.