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Well-Written Female Characters?

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It's been said that Chuck doesn't write women well. He may not, but I'm trying to think of a male writer who does. They're pretty scarce.

That hack Hemmingway certainly never got the hang of it. F. Scott? Nope, Daisy was never believable as anything other than a plot point. Vonnegut... Does he even use women characters? I can think of the one in Cat's Cradle, and she was pretty two-dimensional. Oh, and the pornstar Montana Wildeblood in Slaughterhouse. THERE's a well-written character. Hm.... Moby Dick? No women at all. We gotta go all the way back to The Scarlet Letter for a good well-written female character (I can't speak for Gone With the Wind; I've neither read it nor seen the film), but then Hawthorne couldn't write children - you think even in Colonial times that a four year-old Pearl would say, [i]"Pray Thee, Mother, wither thou goest anon?"[/i] Not on your motherfucking life.

So, yeah, this is a problem in American Lit which largely lacks well-written female characters. Let's not limit it to American Lit. Please give me some [b]well-written[/b] famale characters from Modern Literature (let's say the last 200 years) and let's try not to just throw out a list of names - let's give some reasons, too.