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Well hello there..

Hi there. Im new. My name is Sean, im 18 years old, and am a field artilleryman in the US Army. Im currently deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I read Chuck Palahniuk books to help my year go by (still 7 months to go grr).

Anyway i actually just recently got into Palahniuks work. Of course ive seen fight club, but when i really got into reading his work, was when my buddy in my squad suggested Rant. It blew my mind. Since then ive been hooked on Palahniuks books. Recently ive read Rant, Choke, and Snuff. Unfortunately I dont exactly have access to bookstore of sorts so when i get back i plan to continue to read more of Chucks books. What do yall recommend? Cant wait to here from some of you.