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Well fuck...

I am a newbie. Goddamn that just sucks to have to type.

WTF - this is the 2nd messageboard I have ever been on in life.

The first one I quit, because there was a lot of flaming and high messageboard drama. I got all co-dependent about it. Watching trainwrecks is hypnotic.

I've checked out a couple other threads and I'm fairly confident that there isn't as much of the soap opera poop here. (I'm knocking on wood.)

I have and have read all of Mr. Palahnuik's books. I keep loaning them out though, and they never come back and I have to buy them again.

I'm in the process of reading the "emperor" thread and I felt guilty lurking.

Holyfuckingshitgaddam it's hilarious. I was reading it at work and couldn't answer my phone a couple of times because I was laughing too hard. Yeah, I didn't get a fucking thing done at work either. I wasted the whole day. It was awesome.

I did post a review to some story. I think I jumped the gun though and I'll take my flogging for it. :(

Thanks for watching.