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"Welcome to the world of censorship, Dan."


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Well of course, censorship may be decent if used in moderation, but when it goes to far, it chokes you. I'm the opinions editor for my school newspaper, I write very opinionated articles, not to the point where they can't be read, I try to show the best of both sides and then show my side. I have had the most articles removed from the newspaper than anyone in my class, and obviously, everything I choose to write about is rather controversial, but hey, thats what people want, people's open opinion on a subject that draws their attention. I cannot write about bland shit like the lunch room food or dress code. To me, thats unoriginal and thats why no one ever reads the school newspaper in the first part.

My first article with no opinion whatsoever, was a biography about Chuck Palahniuk. The school newspaper was drowning in half-assed articles and lack therof. The editor said type me up an article about anything, but don't make it opinionated. I spent a couple hours on it, I sent it in, it was edited and put into the newspaper. The next day, I walk into journalism, with a draft of the newspaper on my desk open to my article with a fat "x" in permanent marker slashed over it. "This is NOT to be permitted into the newspaper, remove it immediately," It said on the corner. My teacher repremanded me for writing about an author that writes about sexual encounters. She said it was not appropriate to advocate his books to the students because all of his writings are purely adult fiction. This is a high school if you hadn't picked that up yet.

I was honestly really mad, the editor was extremely mad, being a chuck reader, we both argued and took our stance. The school even carries Fight Club in the library! Maybe I am wrong, maybe I shouldn't have written about an author with "explicit" writings, but it was purely a biography of his life.

As I was leaving class, defeated, my teacher grabbed my attention and said "Welcome to the world of censorship, Dan."

I wanted to retaliate, but the consequences wouldn't be worth it. Whats your opinion on this? Is it right for them to just take out a biography about a person that writes explicit books?