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Wearing Jeans When Nobody is Looking


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Does anyone else here do that? Just go to bed in the day's outfit, then wake up the next day and just go? Peel yourself off the bed, adjust your belt and mat your bed hair down into a half-satisfying helmet, then just put some shoes on and it's time to go day!

Hoodie and jeans.

This is a fan club for sleeping in clothes and not really caring anymore because fuck it. This is a Fuck It Fanclub, actually, I guess. This could have easily went in Pointless Annoucements but fuck that too. Fuck everything. Matter fact, fuck you.

No I'm just kidding.

Have you stopped using shampoo, or know anybody who has? Was it alright at first, liberating, then become an inconvenience later?

I've always suspected shaving cream makes beards grow back faster. Dry-shaving is funny, though. But dry-shaving in the dark is pretty stupid. The more expensive razors are the ones with more blades but with less chance of cutting your skin because of the rubber guard little things. That's pretty funny. If you shave cheap, you will hack your face apart. You need the heavier bladed ones so you won't cut yourself.