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We Need You To Send Us Your Best Tour Pics For PLAYBOY MAGAZINE!

Hello all,

Chuck Palahniuk will be the main interview in the May issue of Playboy Magazine. I learned of this media scoop with the editor himself contacted me and asked if he could feature our website in a sidebar piece.

Having agreed, he then asked if we had any great pictures of Chuck with his fans that he could feature in the sidebar of the interview. I told him I could accommodate that request and was all set to search through our site gallery for the best pictures and then attempt to contact these people so I could get permission to use them. But I thought of a better idea!

So today, I'm asking any of you that are reading this, to submit to us your best tour photos with Chuck Palahniuk.

Here are the rules for submission:

  • Pictures should not be too large in size. Try to keep them below 100kb actually.
  • Pictures should feature you and Chuck Palahniuk in them together.
  • We are not looking for photos of smiling fans holding up signed books, nor are we looking for pictures of Chuck on stage reading.
  • Pictures should be from a more recent tour. We'll date back to 'Rant', but I think we prefer pictures from the 'Snuff' tour. Exceptions will be made if the picture is truly awesome, no matter what.
  • Pictures should be attached to an email that is sent to submissions @ chuckpalahniuk dot net. DO NOT LINK PICTURES IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.
  • Please include your full name in the email, with a written line saying we have permission to have the picture posted in Playboy Magazine.
  • Please name the pictures appropriately. I don't want anything named EGH7711.JPG. If you're name is John Smith, and the picture is from the 'Snuff' tour, name it something like, "john-smith-snuff1.jpg".

If you ignore any of these rules, I'll simply delete your email.

That's it. Time is short on this. I may be talking to the editor as early as Monday. So I'd like to have him something to send before then.

There is no prize for this, as it is not a contest. You're simply helping us submit the best photos we can for their piece. 'Winners' will simply have their picture in Playboy Magazine -- just not in the centerfold. ;)

Again, pictures should be sent to submissions @ chuckpalahniuk dot net.