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"We Are Oblivion" by Michael Sonbert is NOW available!!

Alright Cult, it's a big day for a good friend of mine and writer-in-arms. Michael Sonbert has just released We Are Oblivion and for a limited time, you can get it for just 99 cents! Yes, 99-motherfuckin-cents!!

It's also the June selection for Cult Book Club, which our esteemed Aussie, Matt O'Donnell will be running, so show your support and buy a copy.

The 99 cent Kindle edition can be found HERE

Hardback/paperback can be found HERE

Official Synopsis:
Stephen Mansfield, an amnesiac former boxer, is desperately trying to put the pieces of his past back together. Along with his girlfriend, a pregnant prostitute named Fancy, he decides to leave his dilapidated New York apartment in search of anything that will help him remember who he is. Their world is changed almost immediately, however, when robbed by a band of marauders just outside of Cleveland. Forced to do what they must to survive, they find themselves on a violent, cross-country crime spree. While on the road and eluding a nationwide manhunt, Mansfield realizes they’re not only traveling state to state but through time as well. From conversing with Timothy McVeigh the night before he blows up the Oklahoma City Federal Building, to running from Hurricane Katrina, to Mansfield actually being the second gunman on the grassy knoll, the two repeatedly find themselves in the midst of the most defining moments of the past sixty years. We Are Oblivion is a nihilistic journey of discovery and destruction. As Mansfield and Fancy travel through space and time they struggle to find love in a world in which they’ve never truly fit in. But as Fancy’s belly swells, Mansfield’s memory begins to return. And he wonders if Fancy, the only person he’s ever fully trusted, can be trusted at all.

Hope you guys check it out and enjoy it as much as I did.