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Waves hello

Hi all,

I've been meaning to join the Cult for the longest time, but I've finally found myself some time that I can dedicate to becoming a better reader and writer. From everything I've heard, the pulse of this community is really strong, and I'd love to become part of that. I haven't plunked down the forty bucks for the workshop but will as soon as I've become accommodated to the forum and the blog.

As for me, I'm a 27 year old writer from Toronto. I have my own small press, and typeset and publish people's books for a living. I'm not necessarily looking for clients here, this is really about working on my craft and participating in a vast community of writers and readers.

I'm also looking to read a ton more. I purchased a Sony Reader a few months ago and my reading went way up. I maybe read 7 books last year, but I've read 16 in the last three months with the reader. The review section of this site is really exciting and I'll be subscribing to that.

Anyways, hello!