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Watcha Readin??

So I went to the book store today and picked up a nice assortment of books, which is always nice.

the new edition (paperback) of Fight Club...just for the sake of having it

Stranger than Fiction...just so I'll have it to read sooner or later

The Coma by Alex Garland....Ive been waiting for ever for this dude to finally release another book

George Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London...seemed like the most interesting book on the AP Language reading list we got

DeLillo's The Body Artist...more for my dad than me, it was on sale hardcover for $4.95 and my he'd just finished White Noise after I semi-forced him to read it and he loved it...i'll get to it eventually.

im starting The Coma as soon as possible.

how about you geezers.