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Warmed and Bound - Book Club September '11


This is probably the most looked forward to book this year. I mean, every person here knows people in it pretty much. I'm stoked for every person that got into this thing. So congratulations everybody.

For those who don't know - Warmed and Bound is a collection that was collected and released by our sister site The Velvet.

I'm gonna just quote what Richard posted in the Trades and Barters section.

wickerkat wrote:
This is a fantastic anthology.

Foreword by Steve Erickson.

Who is IN this bad boy? Look at this list:

* Amanda Gowin
* Anthony David Jacques
* Axel Taiari
* Blake Butler
* Bob Pastorella
* Bradley Sands
* Brandon Tietz
* Brian Evenson
* Caleb J. Ross
* Cameron Pierce
* Chris Deal
* Christopher J. Dwyer
* Craig Clevenger
* Craig Davidson
* Craig Wallwork
* DeLeon DeMicoli
* Doc O'Donnell
* Edward J. Rathke
* Gary Paul Libero
* Gavin Pate
* Gayle Towell
* Gordon Highland
* J. David Osborne
* Jeremy Robert Johnson
* JR Harlan
* Kyle Minor
* Mark Jaskowski
* Matt Bell
* Nic Young
* Nik Korpon
* Paul G. Tremblay
* Pela Via
* Richard Thomas
* Rob Parker
* Sean P. Ferguson
* Stephen Graham Jones
* Tim Beverstock
* Vincent Louis Carrella

So yeah, I'm not sure yet how we're going to handle discussing this thing. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them.

Until then - Get to reading!