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War Hero Diary: Too Many Medals

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Foreward: Before anyone goes any futher, I've been to two different forums trying to do some posts for fun and now I've been moved into a third forum. Owen has been great help in directing me, judos to Owen. Now, this is hoping I'm in the right forum to have fun and just do some experimental writing/thoughts. I'll leave this post here until Monday to see if anything blows up. If I'm still not in the right forum, would someone contact me at [email][/email] (Owen has sent me several private messages already, thanks). Okay, so here's a post starting all over again....fred call aka bigbro

War Hero Diary: Too Many Medals
War is a mature endeavor.
It’s amazing how immature a soldier can get while killing someone in a hand-to-hand situation.
My problem is that I’ve got too many medals for heroics and killing, mainly because I’ve fought in too many wars.
I’ve even got kisses on the cheek, pats on the shoulder and Huzzah-like songs recited in my direction.
You want to know the largest body counts?
Okay, at Antietam there were over 24,000 casualties from sunrise to sunset. That’s America’s bloodiest single day.
For the British is was the Battle of the Somme, 58,000 casualties in a single day.
I was there for both of them. Yeah, I saved J R R Tolkien’s life at the Somme, never got a medal for it though, I already got too many medals as it is. But the next time you go to the movies to see Lord of the Rings you can thank me for saving his rear.
This is my diary. A diary of a bona fide living dead war hero with too damn many medals and kisses on the cheek and pats on the ass.

Everybody wants a war but nobody wants to die……
It’s a beautiful thought. You can go to war in liquid body armor while having more of a chance of surviving a battlefield experience than you have surviving a motoring experiencing on I-95.
You got your Plastic Jesus on the dashboard of your car, and your Armor-All Body Armor glued to your skin.
What could go wrong with a Holy Oil War.
I thought about going to Iraq. Thought about it for a couple of minutes. The original Crusades were enough for me as far as Holy Wars go. Once you’ve been a Knights Templar protecting the Holy Grail in a Holy War, it’s damn difficult to back tracking to being an underpaid grunt in a Holy Oil War.

There’s not a whole lot of difference between Fundamental Christians and Fundamental Muslims save for the Latin versus the right to left Arabic writing. Both sides want to go to Heaven for eternity. Which is a pleasant enough thought while artillery shells are dropping all around.
Besides the Latin and Arabic language thing there is a difference between Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims, a really, really big difference.
Fundamentalist Christians want to go to Heaven but they don’t want to die.
Fundamentalist Muslims want to go to Paradise and they are quick to blow themselves up and everyone else around them
This sort of war time mentality made a big splash (pardon the pun) with the Kamikaze deal of World War Two when Japanese pilots gladly dove their aircraft into allied aircraft carriers.
Yeah, I was there too, at Pearl Harbor and Guadalcanal.
The Kamikaze attacks became so virulent that the British Navy took to reinforcing their aircraft carrier decks with extra steel. So much steel that the British aircraft carriers became the slowest ships on the high seas from all the weight. Which made them even easier targets for the Japanese diving Zeros who simply just loaded up on more bombs to crash the thicker decks.
Of course everyone knows that the Kamikaze thing failed the Japanese. Mainly because, well, we had the atomic bomb. That ended that.
It’s not difficult to understand why people assume the Kamikaze philosophy turned out foolish.
Well, was it?
I mean, today that Japanese government is lending money to America for our little Oil War in Iraq.
South Korea is lending us money.
China is lending us money.
Everyone is lending this country money….until we’ve become the biggest debtor nation in the world (a tactic that didn’t work out well for Brazil).
My hunch is that some day some aged ex-Kamikaze pilot (we dropped the second bomb on Nagasaki the day he was supposed to take flight, so he didn’t go), the former Japanese pilot will reach up on the wall of his Kyoto retirement community home, for the light switch, and turn America’s lights off……bigbro aka fred call