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The War and Oil

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After watching a horriblly slanted and biased piece of war info on MTV, I have come to the conclusion that my peers are retarded. GWB seems to me to be a honorable man, he has made mistakes(coke), he sux at giving speeches, and he is kinda stupid for all intents and purposes. But in my heart of hearts I cannot believe that he would send my friends and thousands of our men to die just to get some Iraqi oil fields. Besides that I keep hearing my friends say statements like "the only reason we want to kill SAdam is because we are the main users of Iraqi oil." WRONG. France and Germany are actually benefitting the most from their oil being as how they are the main processors and refiners of the oil. MAybe my facts are wrong and my arguments are just those of my parents but GWB does not seem to be that shallow to me. He has a heart and I feel he is doing the right thing by pressuring Iraq to get Sadam out of power. I do wish that he would pay a little more atention to N. Korea though, an estimated 4 million person army is probably something we will have to deal with eventually. What are your takes on th situation?