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The Walking Dead

I figure with the tv show now, might as well start up a thread for the comic so things can be kept separate and hopefully spoiler free from one another.

Anyways, I'm up to issue 51 now. Just jaw-dropping, some of these issues are! I can't remember a comic I've ever read, where I've gotten so emotionally involved with the characters in such a short period of time.
Maybe it's because of the looming threat that anyone can die that does it, I don't know.
Even when they switched artists, I hated that Adlard guys work so much at first, but now, after 40+ issues of him doing it, i think he's finally caught his stride. All the characters look distinct from each other and show some real emotion on their faces and body language.

Only thing I'm worried about now is, as it goes on, if the great characterization will actually hurt things. That as they introduce new characters, there'll be a part of me that doesn't want to get to invested in them, knowing that they are basically there just so they can die.

Anyways, anyone else here read it? What issue are you at? any other thoughts or comments?