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Vote on the cover for Stranger Will

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Some may know, but most probably have better things to do, that I have a new book coming out in March 2011. Stranger Will: a novel. It's good, I promise.

The publisher has agreed to open up a vote on the cover design.

If you have time please go to the Otherworld Publications voting page and vote for your favorite Stranger Will cover. Seriously, the winner is the winner. No Florida re-counts here (dated reference, I know). The images are kinda small. To see larger ones, go here.

I do like one more than the others. But which one, I won’t say. The novel is set to be released on March 18th, 2010. Voting ends on November 30th. That means if I don’t get the cover I want, I have 3 1/2 months to cry about it.

I don't want you to sell your souls spreading the word of the vote (like I am now), but if you have a few moments and you'd like to retweet or share on facebook, I would love you...hard.

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Also, Stranger Will is the book club selection for May 2011. Yippee!