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Obviously there's a lot of shite out there, but what are your favourite virtual reality movies?

I'm currently watching The Thirteenth Floor. It's interesting so far.

A fairly good IMDB review:

For some time I have been hearing people refer to to The 13th Floor, mostly when comparing to other movies of the genre like The Matrix. I finally got around to view it myself, and I was positively surprised. After seeing Matrix I and II, its hard to imagine a film that can be on par. The 13th Floor is it. Not in action, stunts or CG, but by presenting an old, yet interesting idea in wonderful pictures and a genre between sci-fi and mystery. The main protagonists "calmness and integrity" contrasts with the absurd situation the characters are in. Camera, lighting and the "textures" are excellent and the sound track perfectly completes the unique atmosphere.

Watched EXistenZ a few months ago, got a bit bored. The acting was terrible and I was unengaged.

PS If anyone's read any cool books around this theme -either novels or academic texts- let me know. I'm pretty new to this genre, but I really like some of the ideas behind these films (i.e. existentialism - usually done badly but whatever), etc.