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Vincent Part 4

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Vincent Part 4
Vincent stood very still and listened to the rain bounce off of the long dark car in front of him. He was aware of the people filing past him in their dark suits and black dresses, huddled under umbrellas, whispering. There was only one person Vincent was going to be there for today and that person was inside the dark car, he could see him through the long windows in the back. Everyone else would just have to look after themselves. The rain was not letting up but Vincent wanted
to wait, he did not want his son to get soaked, not today. Vincent stood there, and when everyone save the driver was inside, Vincent took a deep breath, closed his eyes and turned his face to the sky. He opened his eyes and looked past the dark clouds and said aloud 'One day, you and I will meet and I will not forget what you have done. I know you won't turn your back on me, but for this, I turn my back on you.' Tears were streaming down Vincent's face, he clenched his jaw and hands had turned into fists, he screamed 'Do you hear me? I turned
my back on you!'

Vincent took another moment to get control of his temper, he wanted to be calm for the next 30 minutes and then all bets were off. For the next 30 minutes he would focus and be in control, he would focus. With the rain still poring down, he turned to the driver and noted that he had somehow managed to keep his white gloves dry. He looked the driver in the eye and nodded. With that, the driver reached over and opened the door to the back of the car. Vincent was struck by the smell of
the lilies, but he was in control now and would not let the smell over power him. Through the rain, Vincent looked into the car and was struck by just how small he was. Vincent knew it was time and willed himself forward. Just before Vincent reached the car, his right knee grew weak and he started to falter. The driver reached out for him, but Vincent waved him off and regained his posture. Vincent stood with his shins almost touching the bumper, he looked into the car and said
'Time to go buddy boy. I know it's raining but daddy's got you. When you see your Mom, give her a hug and a kiss for me.'

Vincent, with all the courage he could muster, bent down into the car and placed his hands on his son's casket and pulled it into his chest. For a moment he didn't think he would be able to let go, but then with a deep breath Vincent stood up and turned toward the church. Everything that happened after that is just a blur, a distant memory. Something that Vincent would not speak of again. Something that would haunt is dreams. Something that broke his heart and crippled his soul. After that, Vincent would never be the same.