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are you pro or against vigilantism. after watching the movie Boondock Saints i looked up another forum and found a discussion as follows

the following letter was posted on a confessional page

[I] I haven't killed anyone yet.

I did however foil a very large drug deal and
left three people on the ground and unconscious
for the police to clean up. I even got a mention
in our newspaper for this, not by name of course.
Vigilantism isn't a bad thing in this day and age.

I plan to keep this up as long as I can. [/I]

now i think that this guy is in the wrong because it seems as if he is doing this for the attention.

but that was just an example. so what do you think of vigilantism? are you for it, against it? or does it matter on the event that has caused the vigilantism, if so what kind of event would it be (corrupt cops, rapes in a specific community, drug dealing etc etc)