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Venting and letting off steam

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What is wrong with our peers? Every generation has the oppurtunity to creatively express its individuality, an oppurtunity to deffine its...youthfulness! I do not mean to come across as a downer but the only noticeable change that our generation has been able to contribute is the embarassing genre of "Emo" music (which is nothing to be proud of). What does that even say about this generation??? Hundreds of self-mutilating, fishnet-wearing teenagers (not that I have a particular problem with fishnet).

Comparing the Iraq war and the Vietnam war, from a youth’s point of view, they are relatively the same situation- back then there were young people willing to get the shit beat out of them at protests... and today? We have done nothing. We are so disinterested nowadays because we can be, who gives a flying fuck about politics or the fact that society is going to shit, we get a new mp3 player, cell phone, and video game on a weekly basis. We are groomed by the materialistic world that is Consumerism.

So we have no political interests, we certainly don’t care about other cultures in this high and mighty America, and our music is becoming more about the business than the art itself ( and the little art that IS still involved is pessimistic and self-absorbed).

What are we going to do about this apathy epidemic? I certainly do not want to be remembered as the generation that began the downfall of culture. So I beg of you true artists that are left, forget about the "underground". It’s a wonderful concept but you have to come out of hiding and shove inspiration down the throats of mainstream America. Develop new styles and make things every day and just start a god-damned renaissance! At least we’ll be able to say we tried.