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Urban Exploration

After a good, long run, we have decided to close our forums in an effort to refocus attention to other sections of the site. Fortunately for you all, we're living in a time where discussion of a favorite topic now has a lot of homes. So we encourage you all to bring your ravenous love for discussion to Chuck's official Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. And, as always, you can still post comments on all News updates. Thank you for your loyalty and passion over the years. These changes will happen June 1.

Urban Exploration is the art of trespassing for no apparent reason. Most people do it for the cheap thrills and a few pictures. Some do it for the time machine aspect. Personally I believe that buildings left full of machines and file cabinetry left in the hands of teenagers with magic mushrooms and white supremacists actually says a lot about humanity.

A few things we do not do as urban explorers is:

  1. Steal
  2. Vandalize
  3. Search for ghosts

Really it is ultimately a pathetic mantra.

Random tidbit...
Time Tripping verb the act of taking LSD in order to go back in time. Good acid should get you to the seventies and sixties, but be careful the wrong dosage may get you stuck in the eighties for up to a week.

Anyways it is quite dangerous. Lower levels are typically moldy. Upper levels are almost always structurally unsound. Try to find an EPA report on the place before entering. One factory in my area had "pools" of Mercury on the basement floor. Most abandonments are dumping grounds for used florescent lights and cars.Personally, I believe that asbestos isn't a big deal (people used to be exposed to it almost twenty four hours a day, now it is a very rare occurrence).

Urban exploration is an illegal activity. The trick is stealth. Wear street cloths, carry any equipment in a backpack, suitcase, laptop bag. If you know that someone will see you enter, maybe try talking to them and telling them how you are not going to graffiti any walls facing their house before jumping that fence. Cops usually have very slow response times. If you are out within two hours of someone calling the police, odds are you will be alright. Factories recently abandoned are still worth quite a lot. They are loaded with motion detectors and lasers to prevent the settling of a colony of transient bums. Typically if an alarm is set off you should be able to hear it.

Any questions?