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Upon Rereading

I really didn't like Lullaby at all the first time through. I felt I'd been set up for something so different (i.e. Chuck's "departure" into horror), and then was stuck watching the same old dog and pony show he's been running with for some time.

And in a way, my initial assessments still stand. The characters from the other books can be pretty easily transposed into this one; Robert Paulson appears as a woman living in a trailer who could still go back to school and make money, Oyster is the return of Tyler, and several other characters seem to be back, too.

But, the only reasons I reread it were because it was the only Chuck book I'd read just once, and since Dennis said way a long time ago that it demanded multiple readings. And damn! There was so much I didn't understand the first time. How the babies show up in the beginning that set the stage for what comes later... how at the end, when Oyster is in the car and Carl asks Mona if he's dead and she says, "You wish," how Oyster is really in Helen's body at the time, and... jeez! There was just so much.

And Mona! I was so taken with her, this time around. She reminds me of someone I'm quite close, too, only Mona is more innocent. But they have that same, Judas Cow magic.

And the Judas Cow scene still kills me. It's amazing, how on one reread, this book went from the bottom of my Chuck list, to really close and possibly the top. Now I'm amped as hell for Diary, when I wasn't so mucb before.

Yeay! :)