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It bothers me that Republicans routinely gain political capitol from crisis’ they caused. Driving through Brea, not my home but uncomfortably close, you will see many vehicles with anti-Obama bumper stickers. Most seem to blame Obama for the Wall Street Bailouts and the economy, while others simply state "show us your birth certificate". My initial reaction is to pull up to these people and try to scream some sort of sense into them. However, I know that only stupidity can effectively be communicated in loud short bursts, and bumper stickers.
I just can't wrap my head around these people. Really stupid people should still be able to remember the beginning of this financial crisis; it was not all that long ago. You would think the Bush years, even the end of them, would be a little fresh in their memory. If a majority of people can't remember back to 2008, then how fucked are we as a country?
But enough of that, until someone develops a “rational thought to stupid translator” that can overpower Rush Limbaugh's drug addled voice, this is a futile effort.
Really dumb people didn't cause this crisis, assholes in suits did.
Specifically, Republicans and their supporters (Democrats do it too) who spend all their time trying to deregulate everything.
Even as the economy falters and the Gulf of Mexico turns a weird orangy brown color due to poor regulation, crony-ism - good old boy club rules; Republicans are still calling for less regulation. How hard of a concept is this. I pay taxes and I need cops watching my stuff on the street. Much more importantly I need bigger, meaner, cops watching the suits on Wall St. Some executives have proven that they will crash the economy, which I need un-crashed. Of course not all of the executives in the country are trying to sink the economy, everyone in my town isn't going to try stealing my car, but I need cops to lock-up the ones who will. I need Federal regulators who don’t snort speed off the tops of toaster ovens with the people we pay them to regulate.
In semi-related news; This is my 13th day without a job. I have applied for at least fifty jobs. I have had no less than seven phone interviews. I don’t want unemployment checks. I don’t know anyone who can live comfortably on the slim fuckers. So I was a little mad when I saw some guy in a suit, pretty sure a Republican Senator, saying that he voted against the extension of unemployment benefits because he thinks people are milking the system. What a dick. Other Republicans said that they are blocking the extension of unemployment benefits because they don't want to increase the deficit. Why didn't they care about the deficit when they made the Bush Tax cuts? By the way if those were meant to help, they fucking didn't. Also thanks for holding the line on these tax breaks for people who make over 250k a year, and especially for people who didn't do crap but had a rich relative die. The first Billion dollar inheritance made it to some Texan's heirs without a single cent in tax. Really nice, because when I had a job, and I got a bonus for working hard and making more money for the company, growing the economy etc; the fucking government took like half of it. This happened several times. Oddly enough, I look forward to a day when I can have my bonus raped by the government.
I need to eat a pill or two because my teeth are killing me. I have spent several hours at the dentist this week. I can't avoid having the work done to save money because I already put the money in a flex spending account, so if I don't use it I lose it. I don't know who gets it, probably some asshole in a suit.