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UK Rock Appreciation Thread

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I recently have gotten really into three recently formed UK rock ensembles: The Thrills, The Darkness, and Athlete.

Oddly, even though I do not like The Thrills' influences(old Califonia rock such as Beach Boys) I enjoy what they have done. "Big Sur" "Santa Cruz" and "Dont Steal My Sun" are easy listen to and very whimsical and calming. I enjoy their fairly original riffs and can easily listen to them over and over. And an interesting note is that they're from Dublin(ie UK and not British).

The Darkness: he hits a falcettio(sp?) in every song but I enjoy that. Like the following band they are very fun to listen to and I bet their concerts are awesome. They play music simply because its what they love to do and it shows. I love the back-to-basics rock style and Steven Tyler-esque voice. But I can understand where some uptights could find them annoying.

Another fun band is Athlete. They cover Avril Lavigne's complicated...sort of. They play a few notes but add their own twists and lyrics. They also scream chorus and what follows is (of course) the chorus. They also play more of a back-to-basics rock style that was first introduced(probably wrong but anyways) by the Strokes. And you cannot help but love the thick cockney accent.

Songs to check out:

The Thrills: Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Dont Steal My Sun

The Darkness: Get Your Hands Off of My Woman, Black Shuck, Stuck in a Rut

Athlete: You Got the Style, El Salvador, One of those Days