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turkish delight.

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I'm Fran. Or Rachel. Either/or. I read books. Poppy Z Brite. Douglas Coupland, Susanna Kaysen. Chuck Palahniuk. I read textbooks. Business Studies. Sociology. Computing. I read cereal boxes. Corn Flakes. Rice Krispies. Weetabix. I like to read. Current book is Shampoo Planet by Douglas Coupland, just finished reading Fight Club again.

Spelling mistakes piss me off. I like getting snail mail. I'm not Turkish, I'm Irish. Today my hair is clean and I love it.

I listen to music. Bright Eyes. Elliott Smith. Azure Ray. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. Patrick Wolf. Regina Spektor. I listen to theme tunes and doors creaking and car engines.

I'm ending this now. Posts like this are embarrassing. Everyone sounds like they're saying, "Here I am. I am new. Please greet me with love and affection. I want to be like you. Take me in and make me yours."