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The Trip

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This is something a work some years ago, not the best writing, I am new to the world of writing. So any advice, tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

Les Menuires

Hey it will be alright; that is what was going through his head. He was at the biggest mountain range in the entire world and soon he was going to be skiing down this enormous mountain. What the hell was he thinking? Was he crazy or what? He knew this was not going to be a simple task, but he knew he had to do this to prove to himself. To prove once in his life that he could take risks. He was young and stupid back in them days, but on this day he was far from either of that, or was he?

The day before he took the trip from Toulon France and headed toward Les Menuires, which was, no short trip it took like almost five hours from train to get there. He knew that next day he would be on the biggest ski resort in the entire world. He would be at 3 Valleys, with its 380 miles of slopes and 200 lifts, he only dreamed of doing this, and that dream becomes reality, He knew he would never ski the prized peak of Mont Blanc of its 15, 771 ft. Just saying he skied the Alps and lived to tell about was good enough for him.

Les Menuires and the surrounding area were just breathtaking no other word to describe it. Complete with their beautiful mountains, renowned for their stunning scenery, rolling foothills and pristine lakes and rivers. As he traveled through this area there were many little towns and all he could see was the huge mountains, he never saw something as huge as these looked to him. Town after town, there was something for everyone. All he wanted to do was be on the top of the mountain and he wanted it now, but when he finally got there it was already getting dark, so he would have to wait till the next morning that would seem like eternity to him. So the next day comes, and first thing he had to do was to take skiing lessons. He knew nothing about skiing. Just what he saw on TV and he knew it looked easier than it actually was. So he gets his lessons and after a few hours of this he learned what he needed, and the most important thing he wanted to know was how to stop and not fall. He felt confident that he was ready to do this adventure alone, or was he?

So he gets to the lifts, he didn't want to take the chair lifts; he went the cheaper route, he went the button lifts…better known as pole lifts. Button lifts-these drag lifts, and some bigger slopes in France used these a lot due to them being cheaper to build and maintain, and it was much cheaper for his pocket. A series of poles, with button shaped seats on the end are suspended from high-level moving cable; you grab one and slip the pole between your legs, than hold on to it as it drags the button and you up the slop. Seemed easy, now he knew why they were so cheap; it was the worst ride of his life. He thought to himself he should have taken the chair lift, but he was always a penny pincher, so it was worth it. He finally gets to the top of the mountain, he was ready for this, and it was now or never. Maybe it should be never he thought. He was here now and there was no turning back now, in the next few minutes he would be proving to himself and everyone that he could do this. It might turn out bad, but at least he can say he skied down the biggest slope in the world and he does.

So there he was looking down the slope and all he could see as far as the eye could see was snow. He thought to himself were does it end, he could not see it. What he saw was breathtaking, there were no words to describe what he saw, it was just overwhelming and he was glad he came. It was warm for that time of the year, it was still cold, but not as cold as it could have been and there was a slight wind, and the sun was beaming down on the slope that day. He came prepared though; he was dressed for the cold. He looked like he was enormously fat, which in fact he was an average weight man. He thought better safe than sorry, so the extra paddy was worth it. He got to the place were he would eventually be descending down, what he didn't know at the time was that he got the slopes mixed up, there were three different levels of slopes; beginners, intermediate and experts, that day he got the beginners and expert slopes mixed up; big mistake. He was standing there looking down what seemed to him was never ending. What was he doing? Was he mad? Was he insane? Or was he just stupid? He never once ever took risks like the one he was about to take. If he knew he was on the wrong slope he would have turned around and went back to Toulon. So it was good that he didn't know.

He was now ready, he slowly made his descent down the mountain, gaining speed, he could not remember the last time he ever went this fast, probably never he thought, to the left of him some hundred yards in front of him were trees, they reminded him of trees back home, not to big or little they were not that thick, maybe thick as his fist. So he was gaining more speed, he was thinking this wasn't so bad, as he was gliding to the right and left showing off to the other skiers especially the women, not really paying attention as he was looking at the other skiers, something felt wrong to him, he felt as he was skiing up hill, than there it was, staring him right in his face, something he was not expecting, something he was not ready for. There in front of him was an inclination that would have made any beginner crap bricks, and he was no exception, at that moment he was crapping more than bricks, he was more scared than he has ever been in his life, there was nothing he could do. He could have stopped, but for some reason he didn't think of that, he was freaking and there he was about to be flying over the this mountain, it was like a bad dream and like the dream there was nothing he could do to stop it, this was going to be a flight from hell. In that split second he was flying a hundred feet above the ground, through the air, helpless, and unsure what was going to happen next. There were a million things going through his head at that moment. No one was there to help him; he had to do this alone. He could feel the slight breeze across his face and it felt like a hundred tiny daggers stabbing at him. All he thought was how could that inclination be on a beginners slope? How was he going to get out of this unharmed, and he knew that the fall was going hurt. He was panicking at this time, thinking what he should do next. If that wasn't bad enough, out of nowhere came the wind, with a force that blew him off the main course and slammed him into the trees. One by one he hit the trees, each one he hit seem to hurt even more than the prior one. He was out of control, and he thought that it could not get any worst, but as fast as the trees were upon on him they were gone as quick. He gains his senses and he drifts back to right, somehow getting back on the course. As he looked down, he sees other skiers, oh god he didn't want to hit any people, so he had to think fast, he shifts his entire body to avoid the skiers and with some luck he does avoid any collision with them. He was determined to make it on the ground safe, he tucks the poles between his arms, and knowing when he hit the ground that he was either going to die, or he was going to be speed skiing and he was not really ready to do either. So there it was maybe twenty-five feet from the ground, it came so quick, quicker than he really wanted it to. He hit the ground so quick, that he knew for sure he was going to die. He hit the ground with such a force and speed, he was speeding down this enormous mountain, going so fast, what he did know that he was still standing. How was he going to stop was his next task, and he took in what he learned earlier that day, so he did just that, he shifted his body to the right, anchoring the poles in the ground with all his weight, making a wave of snow that covered is whole body, he looked like a snow bunny, but he was there on the bottom of this slope standing on his two feet, it was a miracle, or maybe it was the snow gods, but there he stood at the bottom of the mountain in one piece, minus all the bruises and cuts from the trees. He was in mere shock, his heart rate was beating so fast, and he was breathless, but he was in one piece. He turned around and said in a loud voice. "Thank you God" With the ordeal finished, and knowing he was safe, and that he beat the mountain and had nothing else to prove, the day was complete, but he didn't want to do this again anytime soon. Was he just lucky? Was it what he learned? Or was there something with him on that mountain that day? He really didn't know probably a little of all that. He knew he was alright, so in the end everything was alright. That was the first and last time he ever went skiing.

That day changed his life, even when things seemed impossible it did usually end alright. Hey it will be alright, he has used that motto ever since that day, and it has been alright. This is a story about Jeffrey Stiles. His life, His adventures, his not so happy times, his happy times, and the people he meets on the way. You are thinking Jeffrey is a made up person, but the truth is Jeffrey is more than that and what you are about to read is all about Jeffrey Stiles and his life.

Are you ready to read the adventures of Jeffrey Stiles? Can you handle it is the question really? It will be a ride of a life time. No one can really cope with his adventures and what he went through in his life. What makes you better than the rest? Ok if you are ready than strap on your seat belts. Are they tight? Ok here we go. What you waiting for? Turn the page already?