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tRicks & trEAts for october’s haunteD

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Books, blOOd, pumpkins, bOOze, breeze, bellows, Beelzebub & pickles. A month made for digging in the dirt.
Whatcha got? Halloween worms?
Halfway through [I][COLOR=Lime]O[/COLOR]nly Rev[COLOR=Yellow]o[/COLOR]luti[COLOR=Orange]o[/COLOR]ns[/I]
Still on [I][COLOR=Red]V.[/COLOR][/I]
Found myself in the hospital last week. In the waiting room I found a copy of [I]Kite Runner[/I], so I’m finishing it, not as bad as I thought.
I’ll probably pick up Stephen king’s new one too, tis the season.

For a Halloween read I suggest [I]Demon Theory[/I] by Stephen Graham Jones