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This is a thread where you can talk about travel! Maybe you have plans for the upcoming years, or want to talk about the places you've been previously. What are some of the countries/cities you really want to visit, and why?

I've stayed in:
- France (many, many times)
- Germany (also many times)
- Belgium
- Norway
- Sweden (Love!!)
- Italy (Just twice, but what a great country)
- USA (Michigan)

Places I still really want to visit:
- Asia (Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong)
- Many more states in the US

Asia has always drawn me, because of the major culture difference. I want to go to a place where everything is new, where I can try new things and learn how people live.

The US is an amazing place, with lots of nice people, and I want to see much more of it.

Your turn!