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Transgressive Literature/Art Website

I have considered for a very long time now putting together a website for transgressive literature. It would either be a monthly online magazine, or a community based literary journal-esque site updated constantly. I would like to make it a resource for finding new voices/faces in transgressive literature, art, etc. I would also like to have anti pop culture editorials on a consistent basis. I think it would be a way to open up the genre a bit, and create a community of individuals who enjoy that niche of art.

Where I am stuck right now is the fact that I have no experience in building a website, but given the right tools, I think I could manage. I am going to have to find someone eventually who will be able to maintain a site for me and offer more sophisticated materials as I go forward.

I am also going to need people who would be willing to write and possibly edit in the future. I know it will take a lot of work and time to gain some momentum, but once there is a following, I would also like to take submissions for short stories, etc.

I am just having a hard time getting this idea off the ground. I am currently the only one involved in the thought process, and I thought because Chuck is such an important part of the genre and many of you seem to like transgressive art, maybe you would have some suggestions for me.

I am also considering the idea that it might have to just start out as a community (message board, etc.) for a while until it evolves into something else.

Any thoughts would be extremely helpful and welcome.
Thank You!