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Total Recall

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Hi All!

I loved Rant and it's delicious taste. Left me with a nice sense of enough closure yet a very curious hunger for the bigger picture... I left it at that.

The movie "Total Recall" posed a similar question to me no less than 10 years ago. As a child I viewed it as an awesome extreme violence and special fx movie. My dad was cool and let me watch it :) Predator too :) But years later I saw it again... and decided to work it out.

The movie is based around Quaid, who has had his mind wiped from a former life. Unaware of this, Quaid currently lives on Earth with a wife and a job. Constantly dreaming of Mars, Quaid visits Rekall in an attempt to have a "memory-implanted" holiday to Mars. (SHEAR) In the middle of the imprint, Quaid wakes up as "Hauser" , his former self. He is restrained and his memory re-patched to Quaid. (SHEAR) Rekall bundle him into a taxi and get him the hell out of there. From this point Quaid embarks on a struggle to regain his memory, past and everything else familiar to him.

There are multiple references to dreams, memory lapses, dual personalities and double identities herein. Each layered to the viewer point of view because the main character still doesn't know what's going on.

After you've watched it less than me, the movie ends for the fourteenth time and although you've got every single twist accounted for and each character squared away... you still can't justify the SHEAR. The SHEAR being the ultimate question... is this a dream?

FROM A VALIDITY STANDPOINT rant has too many different viewpoints with potentially conflicting information. plus there had to be at least one or multiple SHEAR points.

FROM A ME STANDPOINT validity blows, i already learned that.

thanks for your time young guys and young gals