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Top 2 movies?


legally-tylerdurden's picture legally-tylerdurden
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Lame topic i know, but bored and couldn't think of anything better.

So, what are everyone's [B]top 2 movies and why[/B]?

Personally it'd have to be

1. fight club
2. the matrix

simply because i love mindfuck movies. both make you think, and as i hadnt read the book first, and can be pretty thick[most of the time] i didnt see the whole tyler doesnt really exist, thing coming.

I would've made it three, but i can't think of three movies i'd class as top quality, not to me anyway. I'm not expecting fight club as number 1 or even number 2, infact it'd be pretty bad if we could think of nothing else...

So, go for it...