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Titanic Ending

Spoilers are imminent, but I doubt you haven't seen it yet..

I just watched Titanic in its entirety for the first time today, That's 4 hours I spent watching this movie. I was looking forward for Rose to just hand over the Diamond to that guy Lovett or something. At the very end though Rose just tosses it off the back of his ship. I think that is very selfish of herself as he spent years trying to find it, and the owner just tosses it into the ocean. I mean is she trying to toss it onto the titanic below so that he will find it, because in all likeliness when she tossed it the waves probably took it far off of the the point she dropped it from, and Lovett and his crew has no way of recovering it ever.

I don't know if its just me, but thats a disappointing ending to the movie. I liked the ending where she gets picked up by the lifeboat, and Jack dies, but they ended it with her ruining some guys dreams of recovering the diamond.

If there is something I missed just point it out, because I don't want to sound like an idiot if I missed what she was doing.. Also this is my first post on The Cult!