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Time Travel (Probable Spoilers)

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First time poster, long-long-long time lurker

I've always wondered myself whether or not time-travel is possible. Einstein once said that time travel was possible and he's kind of, sort of a genius.

What some scientist whip out, concerning the idea of time travel, is that whole Grand-Father Paradox, the one about killing your grand-father and eliminating your existence in the present and in essence stopping you from killing him, yeah it goes in circles. I think Chuck brought it up in Rant; I think Green said it.

-- So I guess the question is do you guys believe in time-travel, the actualy physical transportation into another time line.

It's only after reading Rant, with the whole liminal time thing, that the idea of time-travel has stuck to me like a tattoo.

Majority of the people I've asked have said, "Hell no." Some have said that it depends on how you view time, as a straight line, as a loop or with holes in it, that time-travel is plausible.