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Thoughts on Diary. (spoilers)


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I just finished Diary yesterday, I enjoyed reading it, as with any Chuck P. book. Chuck's words have always, always inspired me to write, as with Diary this was no exception. I'm always amazed by his style that he keeps from book to book.

What I think about Diary though. It was a good book, definately a little darker than some of his previous books, (although they're all somewhat dark) and the characters were all fun to follow. All in all I found the book to be an enjoyable read. However, one thing I was dissapointed in was the twists. Through every Chuck P. book there's always a twist that sends shivers through my body, something that gets me excited and usually pushes me to finish the book in that sitting. In Diary, it tried for those, but it really just came up lacking. The whole time I was reading it I kept waiting for something crazy to happen, but really it never did. Most of the book I kept trying to guess at was what was going to happen, and try and guess what was going on, it just wasn't there though. Don't take this as a stab that the book wasn't any good, it was great, but in my opinion it's not his best work. One thing I was kind of dissapointed with, was that it was never said what the mural was at the end, of course, i'm sure our imagination is supposed to picture what it is, but my head doesn't always work like that. At the ending I was reminded of Radiohead's music video for Just. Where the guys lying on the ground and he mumbles out a sentence, and then everyone's on the ground too. That music video pissed me off, because I really wanted to know what he said, and sure the same logic applies that "you're not supposed to know what he said because if you did, you too would be on the ground." That aside, that's how I felt at the ending of Diary. Great book, fun to read, but not Chuck's best. I'm still partial to Survivor and Choke really. Just some thoughts.