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"There Would be no Chuck Palahniuk without Pynchon"

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I get offended from statements such as these.  This exact quote was from a Literature professor of mine after I read Crying of Lot 49 off of his recomendation.   I wasn't too pleased with it, even though I see how it has value which is why I said, "Chuck Palahniuk has spoiled me" and that was his reply, "There would be no Chuck Palahniuk without Pynchon".  Yes, I see similarities between the two authors, yes Pynchon came before Chuck and it could be said that he was inspired by such books as Crying of Lot 49.  But that does not mean that if Punchon never existed, Chuck would not have been born, would not have become a published author, and would not have created such masterpieces that put Crying of Lot 49 to shame.


Such comments disturb and offend me greatly.