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The Cult Hall of Fame


Feel free to talk about your favorite Culties here. Still active or long gone. Praise or blame, facts or rumors, who made the Cult a place to stay for YOU ?

I start with the obvious choice, which is of course

Nathanial 'Karbunkle' Parker

For me Nate is and has always been the driving force behind this forum. There are a lot of others who contributed greatly but no one makes me laugh like he does. Laughing out loud, all by myself in front of a computer screen. He has been my anchor here right from the start. I admire his ability to make threads people actually want to contribute to. He cares so much about this place and tries so hard to keep it going. The Cult is what you make of it and every time he comes back from a hiatus, the Cult is a better place and I want to help make it an even better one. I am gonna mush it all out now but I am serious. Nate, you are an inspiration and - to quote Moonie - my Rushmore.