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Thanks Chuck!

Inspired to come here after a weekend in the boonies.

I was in a very small town on the Washington coast. Spending the weekend relaxing. I finished "Invisible Monster" but wanted more. There was no bookstore in the town I was staying in so I went to the next one down the coast and they had a small and I mean small bookstore. Inside I found several books by Chuck; "Choke", "Stranger Than Fiction".

My girl friend took the books to the cashier and she says "Oh, you like Chuck, he's such a nice man. He was in last week" She flips opens the books to the title page and behold I am buying signed copies of these tomes. The bookstore owner tells us Chuck's mother lives close by and he comes in once in awhile and while in he signs his books.

How cool is that?

So, thanks, that's was a great surprise that made my weekend.