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Is it justifiable?

An idea:

How was our country founded? Via 'barbaric' and 'savage' tactics that changed the way wars are fought today. Today's terrorists are just taking the next step in military evolution.

Is it really any different? Sure, the targets of attacks were not civilians during the revolution, while today they are, but so what? Is there such a thing as innocence? We live under a so-called democracy, so how is that we get away with thinking we are innocent? We are supposedly the rulers of this country - all of us - so how are we innocent for the actions of our government? I say we aren't. An attack on civilians is an attack on the government. A government which has provoked these attacks.

Let's put an end to this "but they attack [i]innocent civilians[/i]!" ploy once and for all. Maybe if the citizens of so-called democracies realize that they are legitimate targets for the enemies of their nation, then they will see that they [i]must[/i] take control of their nation.

Ok - so it won't happen, but I still like this. Would be nice if this became a mainstream idea: Terrorism is a legitimate act of war.