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Terrifying Books

what are some of the most scariest books you've read?

[b]spoilers below[/b]

[i]House of Leaves[/i] started off fairly scary for me, but after so many days of exhibitions and searching it just begam more of a bland oddesy rather than a horrifying search.

[i]Stir of Echoes[/i] hasta be the scariest book i've read. the parts with the ghost watching of Tom for the frame of his door, with Tom not daring to move. in hopes of giving off a sleeping state of mind was just awesome for me. sent chills down my back

[i]Hell House[/i] was great too, some parts were tremendously frightenning, the most frightenning being the attempt to contact Red Cloud; the native spirit and he tells of a savage man, looking as if he were na nimal hhiding in the corner

i wanna get [i]I Am Legend[/i], Matheson's said it was almost Night of The Living Dead, cept with vampires.