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Tell-All Tour Q&A from Chuck

Hey Cult,

I would like to know what questions and answers were given in each city for CP's Tell-All Tour.

Since I was present for LA and SF, here are a few that I remember (summarized and paraphrased from what I can remember -please correct if you remember differently).

Los Angeles Q&A:

Q: Do you plan on making your short story "Negative Reinforcement" into a book?

A: No. In fact I should find all copies of that story and burn them.

Q: Do you like all of your characters?

A: No. I make them do things and say things I would never do or say. It's my job to make you feel uneasy.

San Francisco Q&A:

Q: How do you know when a story is finished?

A: I do the same with my books. I take them to my workshop and read them aloud and notice when people laugh or gasp. Then I take their notes and bring it back to the workshop again. Then I might send it to Gerry Howard. I won’t dwell too long on a story as to not work on or create a new one. I will continue to work on a story or book until it comes out. Publication is the death of a story.

Q: What is the paradox of Rant?

A: That I am turning into my father.