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Teh Awards ( Secret Ballot )


Ok. Here it is people. Part One of it.

The following categories for Secret Ballot, form Part 1 of 2, in the First Ever Cult Awards. To enter your votes, for Q1-10-- simply PM me, and me only. I am the Awards Committee 'round these parts.
(also, i know PM inboxes can get filled quick, so, if mine does, and i havent yet emptied some space-- just post here to remind me to-- or otherwise wait half a day-- and i should have emptied it be then. ill be making a nightly check on it everyday.)[/size]

So, here is the Ballot.


1. Overall Best Member

2. Best Thread

3. Best Sig

4. Best Submitted Story

5. Predicted Most Approachable/Meet IRL

6. Predicted Most Unapproachable/Meet IRL

7. Best Avatar

8. Most likely to be Chuck Palahniuk

9. Best Lay

10. Most likely to join a real cult


So, simply make a PM to me, with your answers for 1-10. Easy as that.

Also, voting closes on Friday the 13th of June.
Also, the Part 2 of 2 of this will be posted on the 12th of June or so.

So, have a think about this- before you PM, ill only be counting each persons first PM as valid.

And, ill leave you with these, to ponder also.