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technicolor magazine

hello all,

I noticed on the back of the third Chuck book that I've read this week (Snuff if anybody was wondering haha) that Chuck has a website. And, better yet, there are a bunch of awesome writers on it!

So, I am going into shameless plugging mode before joining all of you at the forums for witty banter and internet drama to invite you all to submit your work to technicolor magazine. This is a small start-up partnered the Front Page newspaper out of Westminster, Colorado that is looking to showcase awesome work to the masses and eventually become a literary giant. Or at least an above-ground animal.

Anyways, the first year will probably be full of unpaid spots in the journal but the winners will receive a copy of the magazine in paper form. Enough about money, lets get to the love of literature!

Now I'm off to another forum in search of a Fight Club, see you all soon!